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Having transferred and acquired up-to-date German and Japanese knitting technology, and having developed modern production techniques, Hammami Brothers Co. is now able to design, process and export all kinds of fabrics for underwear, T-shirts, Polo shirts and sportswear. We can manufacture to any specifications set by customers irrespective of quantity of order, while keeping to our deadlines in a way that insures customer satisfaction and maintains our trustworthiness.

The knitting section started in 1982 with a limited number of machines. At that time this section was intended to manufacture a limited number of products to be sold on the local market.
Shortly after that, the section was expanded to accommodate new modern technology-high productivity European machines, and to become better prepared to respond to the ever growing orders from our various customers, especially the exporters to Europe.

Due to great success, and because of growing work loads later, the section was required to respond to new direct orders from end customers, in addition, to serve our ready made garment section (already established in 2002) and to fulfill the growing orders from exporters and local traders, the matter which made it necessary in 2002 to further expand the knitting section by adding more sophisticated machines, more manpower and work space to cope with this boom.

Production capacity of the knitting section varies from 3 to 4 tons per day according to the kind of fabric. Usually 1/16 to 1/40 cotton yarns are used (combed or carded, as requested). The section has machines of diameters 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 26 - 30 - 34 with DIN of 20 - 24 - 28. Fabrics being manufactured in the knitting section of Hammami Bros. Companies are:
1. Single Jersey, with or without Lycra.
2. Rib fabrics, with or without Lycra.
3. Fleece (double yarn) with or without Lycra.
4. Fleece (triple yarn).
5. Interlock
6. Pique

In parallel with all sections at Hammami Bros. The knitting Section is characterized with an elevated work environment oriented to achieving high quality products while maintaining high productivity on one hand, and insuring safety of workers and work space on the other, in addition to taking environment preserving measures.
In order to insure safety of its workers, Hammami Bros. provides periodic medical examination, and trains personnel to effectively use safety equipment and fire extinguishers the section is equipped with. In addition to training workers for first aid and emergency cases.

Hammami Bros. and management of the Knitting Section are quite aware of updating of products, work techniques and technologies in order to maintain clients satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements in a way that enables the company to respond to rapidly changing market trends in a quest to guarantee continuous success of its clients which is ultimately a success to the company itself.


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