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Hammami Bros. Co. is located in Aleppo, one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world known for its fame in the Textile Industry and for being a very important trade center on the Silk Road.
The beginning dates back to 1956 with the establishment of Hammami Brothers Dyeing House as a response to the apparent need in the Syrian Textile industry for most up-to-date work methods that combine modern techniques with high quality products and services.
Over the years, we expanded our horizons and started new divisions to cover other areas of textile processing such as knitting and ready-made garments.
Hammami Brothers Co. is now a vertically integrated organization committed to providing competitively unique and quality job processing, from knitting a wide variety of yarns to dying and finishing of almost all kinds fabrics, to ready-made garments of the latest trends in fashion.

Depending on this vertically integrated structure, Hammami Brothers Co. has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of textiles in Syria. We are now able to operate with all the flexibility required in today's "just-on-time' delivery markets.
In an effort to finalize this vertical plan, there are plans underway to establish a vast spinning factory to complete our production chain from yarn to ready-to-wear garments.

Top quality products and production techniques, ever going innovation, state-of-the art technology, trustworthiness, reliability, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to fulfilling specific customer requirements are the milestones of Hammami Brothers Co. in a world of change and competitiveness.


Expanding our exports and further enhancing our internationally known name are the two main pillars of our quest for attaining new levels in work relationship with international clients.

Hammami Brothers Co. is also seeking:

Contracting with potential partners willing to initiate joint ventures.
Manufacturing under license and / or work as subcontractors for European import companies.

Quality Control System:
We are totally committed to the quality of our products, and by having vertically integrated in-house facilities we can better monitor and ensure that our products meet the most stringent customer requirements concerning quality.
The quality control system in the company has witnessed significant developments at each stage of production.
The company is now in the process of obtaining ISO Goods Certificate.
Sales: While 30% of the company products are sold in the local market, 70% are exported to the European markets.

Manufacturing Facilities:
Initially the company was operating on a patch of land of 8000 square meters, but the company has lately been enlarged to cover another 3000 square meters to cope with the increasing demand for the company products.
The company is fully equipped with the latest manufacturing machinery for all stages of production accompanied with all the facilities needed for safety, environment protection, and well being of the workers.

Mailling Address :
P.O. Box: 1374
Tel: +963 21 2642879
Fax: +963 21 2673222


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