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The beginning was with the establishment of the dyeing section. It was a long time ago: Dying houses in Syria were few, technology was underdeveloped, and some processes were done manually. However, Hammami Brothers Dying House was relatively advanced in acquiring and using modern technology and work techniques. This, accompanied with the entrepreneurial spirit of the late Mr. Nadim Hammami, founder of Hammami Brothers Co., granted the enterprise a great deal of success.

Soon, the company gained a very good reputation with ever growing helped in turnover figures which re-investing in modern technology and using the best available materials to attain higher levels of productivity and quality.
The dying section processes 100% cotton fabrics, blended fabrics and 100% polyester, (knitted and woven). We use highly environment - friendly dyes of the best quality.

Customers of the dyeing section are manufacturers in the local market for foreign companies that are very satisfied with the high quality they get at very
reasonable and competitive prices.
Production capacity at the dying section is 6 - 8 tons a day. The section has a water treatment and recycling unit that attenuates the environmental input of dyeing processes by lowering the content of COD and BOD in the sewage water.

The dying section is witnessing non-stop modernization in a quest to be in line with market requirements and needs in terms of quality, speed and flexibility. We are always keen to meet all clients' specifications and standards keeping in mind our environmental responsibilities. Advanced dying lines with a highly trained staff assure world class quality for both knitted and woven fabrics.

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P.O. Box: 1374
Tel: +963 21 2667702
Fax: +963 21 2667706


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