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In 2002, the Ready-made Garment Section was established at Hammami Bros. Co. thus complementing the Knitting and Dyeing Sections, and in turn helping to make a decisive step towards having the fully vertical structure of textile industry. This step enabled the company to have better hold of controlling time and quality to produce garments for export having a very strong competitive advantage regarding quality, delivery deadlines, and economical production costs, all of which are main prerequisites for successful competition in the global market place.
During the first three years, Hammami Brothers Co. has exported more than 4 million pieces to American and European markets, thus achieving great success, especially in Europe, due to many reasons, among which are:

1- The strategic location of Syria, and proximity to European markets.
2- Exemption of customs tax for Syrian goods (Euro-1).
3- Flexibility in magnitude or production lots, which enables the company to respond to very different orders from 500 to 1000.000 pieces.

The section manufactures all kinds of sportswear: T-Shirts, training suits, sweat shirts and polo shirts … etc.
The section occupies 2500 Sq. m. with production capacity from 500 to 800 pieces per day, with a potential for further expansion in the future.

Mailling Address :

P.O. Box: 1374
Tel: +963 21 2642879
Fax: +963 21 2673222


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